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Thread: What are your favorite and best sounding recordings?

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    this thread needs more cowbell! j/k

    some of my personal favorite recordings are jazz, Miles Davis' Kinda Blue always comes to mind. Al Green's early stuff can feel like you were in the room with them recording and the Ray Charles' jazz albums sound great considering their age. i love some good hip hop as well too, Edan's Beauty and the Beat is really well done and will give your system a good work out.

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    Sedtc took me back - seeing Christopher Walkin sayin "more cowbell" on SNL!

    ...and speaking of 'Don't Fear the Reaper"; that particular track rocks on a good system.

    By the way, I'm finding that this Creative sound blaster X-FI PCI card with it's "crystallizer" reeeealy makes some older recordings sound better - by adding punch and clarity, without adding hiss....

    Oh, don't forget "Rythm Nation" and "Los Lonely Boys" for good sounds.

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    Just about anything in Rock,Soul and RnB up till the mid the above youtube
    clip shows the majority of music after that period lacks "punch" (not to be confused with loudness) a lot of the 80s stuff runs circles around todays engineering even the disposal pop music of that time which is why I haven't thrown out my old CDs or tapes soooo.........

    Steely Dan
    Whitney Houston (before drugs+Bobby Brown)
    Michael Jackson (before the little boys)
    Howard Jones
    "A rose by any other name is still a flower"

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    Quote Originally Posted by americasfuture2 View Post
    everything by Gibby Haynes' Ministry.
    Corrected that for ya.

    I gotta jump on the Dire Straits/Tool/Perfect Circle bandwagon.

    Dire Straits is great all around for imaging, male vocals, good variety of frequencies and instruments covered, and pretty much is how I benchmark my system.

    Tool (and A Perfect Circle) is great for 300 Hz and below, as well as having a well-rounded top end and powerful male vocals. I usually pull out Swamp Song for testing what I'm doing wrt to crossover between midbass and sub.

    Norah Jones is great for female vocals, rounding out your single-digit kHz's, and aiming mids.

    There's some past-his-prime Robert Plant stuff I really like on Now and Zen for male vocals (White Clean and Neat comes to mind)..

    There's a lot of what purists would call crap with regard to sound quality that I end up Faith No More's Angel Dust LP. Thick, really compressed sound there that lends well to the impact they're going for, though it's what you'd consider a casualty of the loudness war...same thing with Pearl Jam's Ten...teh analog compression am present. There's a lot of square wave stuff in Nelly Furtado's Maneater (I think, to my uneducated ear, it's like they digitally clipped her and some of the instruments during the mix) that gives her vocals and the drums a thin, hollow (hungry?) sound that I dig, thematically, for that particular song.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pathos View Post
    Michael Jackson (before the little boys)
    I can listen to Dirty Diana just to hear Steve Stevens on guitar...same with Billy Idol.
    I have too much time and too little aggravation in my life, so I built a carPC. ;)

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    While I don't have a carputer yet the list the keep me going:

    Rob Zombie ----- Never gonna stop
    Ra ---- Fallen Angels
    Miles Davis ------ His earlier stuff
    Hinder ----- Get stoned
    Blue Oyster Cult ------ She sells Sanctuary
    Lynyrd Skynyrd ------ Simple Man
    Puddle of Mud ------ Psyco
    Pantera ---- Planet Caravan
    Foo Fighters ------ Baker Street and Best of you
    Pearl jam ----- Given to fly
    Tech Master Computer bass track #12 ------ Bassgasim
    Slash's ------ Obsession confession
    Van Halen ---- Human being
    TOOL ---- Vicarious
    U2 ----- Vertigo
    Hurt ---- Rapture

    Oh and when the mood hits my Manhiem Steamroller

    There's more got near a 1.5 hour commute
    This is my disclaimer: I believe in doing things a certain way and to a certain standard. These are my standards for myself, if you hold yourself to high standards great, if you do not then don't knock or nitpick the people who do and what they say.

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