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Thread: Loud Beep whenever button is pushed

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    Loud Beep whenever button is pushed

    I have a Sony head unit in an older Miata which emits a very loud and very annoying single beep sound any time one of the function buttons (volume, mode, etc.) is pressed. I tried the reset but that didn't help. Any suggestions?

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    Don't push the buttons....

    Dunno, maybe you have the volume up loud and when you press buttons the sound is just appropriate for volume level?

    Sounds like the unit is just built that way, but try taking the fuse out and leaving it for a minute. Then at least you'll be starting fresh.

    maybe if you give model no. someone else has had experience w/ this.

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    Maybe if you read the manual for this unit, there would be a solution for turning the annoying beep on or off.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    What a concept!!??!!

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    In most head units that have the beep function in them there is an option somewhere in the menus to turn this function on or of. You may have to doe some searching. I have seen them buried in weird places in the menus on decks

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    I had an old sony head unit with the high pitch anoying beep. I eventually got it to stop by holding the 'function' button and pressing '6'

    If the 'function' button doesn't work, or you havn't got one, try the 'shift' or 'mode' or 'sel' button.

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