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Thread: Alpine CDA-9885 issues

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    Alpine CDA-9885 issues

    Some background: I had a 2003 Volkswagen Passat, which came with the Monsoon system. That system produced an incredibly warm and rich sound that I really enjoyed. I'm not sure what exactly made the sound so good (I'm not a technical guy) but it was really warm, thick, and pleasant, as confirmed by many (including the experts).

    For various reasons, I had to get rid of my Passat, and got an '08 Toyota Camry LE. The Toyota stock system was awful so I immediately replaced everything there. I got the following:

    - Alpine CDA-9885 head unit
    - Polk speakers: POLK AUDIO MMC6500 and 690
    - Alpine 4-channel external amp, ALPINE MRPF550

    This was supposed to be a top-of-the-line setup; I spent $1500 on it. I was recommended the Alpine CDA-9885 as "the best in sound quality." But after I hooked everything up (including the external amp), I was disappointed. The CDA-9885 produces a very clean, loud sound, but it's not warm. I'm really missing the warmth and presence of the sound, especially after the Monsoon. It could either be the Alpine head unit, or the acoustics of my Camry (the positioning of the speakers), or something else.

    So my questions are as follows:

    1) What was it about the Monsoon in my VW-Passat that made it so rich-sounding and warm?

    2) What is it about my current setup (particularly the Alpine CDA-9885) that's responsible for the hollow, cold sound? Is it the car acoustics, the deck, the speakers, or what?

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    1) presumeably the dynaudio speakers and how they were mounted.

    2) the speakers and how they;re mounted/setup will have the greatest effect on the quality of audio you experience.

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