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Thread: start-up pop and crackling

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    start-up pop and crackling

    when i turn the key in my car and the amplifier gets power, it makes a very loud POP sound. also, when i listen very closely to the music, i can hear a slight crackling, not a steady crackling either, but sporadically. what is causing these?

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    this thread should not have been posted in the high end forum....why it was I don't know...

    as for your system....the only real reason for turn-on thump (non-carPC related) is a cheap amplifier.

    Unplug the RCAs at the amplifier then turn the system on/off a few times. If you still have the noise, then it's the amplifier. If not, plug the RCAs back in, turn the gains down, and turn the system on/off a few times, if it goes away, then you have your gains set too high.

    The crackling you've been hearing could also be blown speakers...cause by a crappy amp or improper tuning (turning the gain controls all the way up unjustly so).
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    Do you have the amp remote hooked up to acc power or a remote turn on lead?
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