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Thread: Sound system recommandations?

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    Question Sound system recommandations?

    I'm about to buy a full sound system for my carputer with an SB-Live! card and am looking for some recommandations. I'm looking for a 4 channel amp at 200$ max and 4 6.5" component speakers for a decent price which will work well with the amp.

    I'm not going to add a subwoofer at this time, so I need a system which will give me good clean treble bass and mid-range. Also I would prefer an amp which will support a small 8"-10" sub which I am planning to add in the future.

    - Yaniv

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    I'd actually suggest, for your price range, to spend the money on a two-channel setup rather than trying for 4 channels. You'll get far more clean power for that cash in a two channel amp, and far and away better speakers for same. Your front sound stage is more important from a sound quality perspective than any other part of your system, and having two good quality speakers is going to do you far better than four bargain bin drivers on a bargain bin four-channel. I'll put it this way: For the same money in your price range, even from the back seat, a properly installed two-channel system is going to sound better (or play louder clean, if that is your preference) than a four.

    Check out 6.5" component sets from Pioneer, etc., and take a look at the reviews on DIY car audio forums on various speakers.
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