So i grew tired of my subs from my old 626 sitting in my room and being a coffee table, so i decided it was time they went in the pathy

the factory Bose system is great and all
i love it quite a bit, CD changer doesnt skip or anything
and it looks sharper than the factory unit in the 03 escalade i drove last week

but it just wasnt quite loud enough for my complete satisfaction

as much trouble as i had running the amp wire with the clutch cylinder taking the place i was hoping to use
and not feeling like drilling holes in the firewall or tearing the dash apart
i just ran it through the driver fender and through a rubber grommet just infront of the driver door (will post pics tomorrow night) and under the carpet to the back seat

the signal wire was... more challenging
due to the bloddy bose setup -_-
i tore out the bose head unit only to find there were no RCA outputs nore did any of the wiring colors match ANY of the diagrams and charts i had
but in my interior murdering i discovered the amp in the cargo area for the rear speakers. Looking up the number on the bose amp there were NO resources for it, but after alot of wire stripping and trial and error i found the rear speaker wire colors (after tearing apart the door panels and looking at the wiring) and i even found the "power on" wire on the bose amp and tapped it to my kenwood amp... sweet.
and so after 5 hours i came up with this glorious mess

its cleaned up now lol
pics of finished install tonight