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Thread: Anyone know a source for female blade connectors that fit 8 ga. cables?

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    Anyone know a source for female blade connectors that fit 8 ga. cables?

    Want to add an on/off switch via SPDT 30A relay and am having trouble finding female blade connectors around my local electronics shops or online.

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    try the local auto parts store such as napa, you just might be able to find one there

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    You're in San Diego - have you tried Marshall's Hardware just off Miramar? They've got a much better industrial hardware selection than the average home improvement store.

    Also check out McMaster Carr online at They have EVERYTHING and in major cities like San Diego if you order by about 10am you literally get your order that afternoon. Try searching for Electrical Wire Connectors. I think they might have what you need on pg 718.

    EDIT -- Sorry, I got mixed up... they have ring connectors on pg 718, but you needed blade connectors. Either way, have a look around the site. Good luck.

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