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Thread: Installed new stereo/speakers, have problems, please help

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    Installed new stereo/speakers, have problems, please help

    I recently purchased a JVC KD-HDR1 and had it installed by circuit city. I also replaced the front door speakers with Pioneer A-1682R, then the rear speakers with Infinity Kappa 692.7i. After I installed the rear speakers, I tested them before I put everything back together and they sounded fine. The next day as I was driving to work all of the speakers cut out on me. I tried messing with the wires and discovered that if I connect both of the wires to the left rear speaker the system will not work at all. If I have only one wire connected the system will work but cuts out if I turn the volume up too high. My fade and balance also seem to be out of whack. I am a total novice in this area so I need help to fix this. I don't think these speakers should be too much power for my system to handle but I really don't know.

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    first, this forum is about installing carputers just so you know. THere are plenty of other forums about car stereo.

    Your kappas are listed as:
    "2-ohm impedance"
    Why Infinity did this is amazing to me. They then say they are compatible with all aftermarket radios. That is completely stupid and false adverstising. I don;t know of any aftermarket radio that can handle 2ohm speakers. If they don't offer a 4 ohm version I'd return them and find a pair that does.

    If your fader and balance are screwed up, Take it back to circuit city, they did the install.

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    trie to connect the speakers outside the car (with other wiring) if they sound good than check te wiring (litle battery on one and with a voltmeter on the other and of the battery) the other and of the voltmeter on the other and of the wire, the voltmeter shows the voltage of the battery, this is good, if it doesn't the wireing is broken..

    Also put the other and of the voltmeter on a metal part of the car, if the voltmetert than shows the voltage of the battery the outside of the wire is broken..
    Also put the voltmeter to the other wires, they should be 0. Do this with al the wireing to the rear speakers.

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    also check none of the speaker wires/connections at speakers are connected or touching metal. also what he said

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    MAKE SURE that the speakers aren't touching the metal of the car. A speaker CAN'T WORK ON ONE WIRE OR ONE CONNECTION!
    You need to take EVERYTHING apart then put it back in. this time following the instructions.

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    Just curious, what would happen if the speaker touches the metal part of the door?
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    Quote Originally Posted by boomintrac View Post
    Just curious, what would happen if the speaker touches the metal part of the door?
    The frame of the speaker is ok. But neither of the two wires going to any speaker can be grounded.

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    i had this problem with some subs. it ended up that the ohms in my subs were too low for my amp. I had some stuff run in parallell that needed to be ran in series

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    Sounds more like the speaker is shorting out. If you disconect one side and it still works then it must be getting a ground from the chassis. I would take it back to Circuit City and have them fix it.......Woops just read again....Um, Maybe you can bring it to circuit city with everything connected and tell them the stereo went out and see what they find. Kind of leave out the part about your new speakers until you really have to tell them that its all your fault the system isn't working

    Older audio systems use the cars chasis for ground and only run one wire back to each speaker. If this is the case then you may need to run new speaker wires to the back of the car.

    You may also just flip the back wires to the speaker. to see if that fixes it. Could be that when you replaced the speakers you put - on + and + on -. Then on top of that audio ground is connected to chasis ground......I dont know.

    Check wiring, Flip wires. Pull one over on circuit city
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    thread moved to the car audio forum.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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