hey, im trying to replace my mustangs head unit, its a double din unit

im going to replace it with the Alpine iDA-X100: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-SMytjFs...x?i=500IDAX100

now thats only a single din unit and it doesnt have cd player capabilities
so what im thinking is put a single din cd changer right below it

now my question is does anyone know of an alpine single din cd changer? i couldnt find any

or is it possible to connect a cd changer from a different brand to the alpine receiver? i found this one: BLAUPUNKT IDC A09, its a 5 disc changer that fits in a single din slot

also i dont care if its a 5 or 6 disc changer, just as long as it plays even just one cd is fine

thank you