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Thread: install of avic-n1 in 05 focus

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscrfsh View Post
    ok say i hooked up the cd player and now sometimes my buttons on the faceplate dont work the tilt buttons wont work, and sometimes the ATT doesnt work, anyone got ideas. can i order a new faceplate and will it work???
    If your faceplate is detachable or flip-up, clean the copper contact points with a q-tip soaked in alcohol before you go after a new one. I have had problems with internal button contacts on older Pioneer gear (faceplates, remote units for older processors), however. Dunno if they've improved in that regard. Can't recommend taking the face apart to clean internals to a newbie, unless you're brave.
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    i cleaned them already and it didnt work. sometimes the buttons work sometimes they dont. i noticed something that i didnt notice befor...when the screen comes out when it gets to about a half inch out the 4 blue buttons go out and then come back on, could this be a problem to?

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    Is it a new or used unit?
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    well i have had it since it was brand new but its about 4 years old. i think its just the faceplate, but sometimes the bottons work, sometimes they dont...they were fine when it was in my car, and then i changed vehicles, i didnt drop or band it, so i dont know what possiibly could have happend

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    im looking into buying a new faceplate on ebay, does anyone know if the n2 and n3 faceplate will work, or the n2 and n3 brain work with the n1 screen??

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