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Thread: Auxiliary Input adapter for 2000 Nissan Maxim

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    Auxiliary Input adapter for 2000 Nissan Maxim

    Hi, I am installing a Carputer in my 2000 Nissan Maxima But Want to keep my stock bose system so I need an Auxiliary input adapter to connect the system to the PC for sound but, I've been searching google for an Auxiliary input adapter and I am not so sure about the ones that are coming up not to mention they run $100+.
    can Someone please help if you know of a good auxiliary adapter or a way I can connect the PC to the stock system ( no FM modulator and no Cassette adapter) thanks.

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    Might wanna check see if they have one for your car. Does it have a cd changer?

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    buy a nissan harness, and line driver.
    Splice the RCA +/- and connect it to each channel of the harness.
    Computer -> Line driver -> Bose HU
    Which is about the same setup as my 02 max, except i have a digital receiver.

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    the if it does have a cd changer there are adapters for most brands that change it to a line input. i know alpine, pioneer, kenwood etc have them as a normal stock item, and all they are is the plug with RCA's a resistor and a diode (for kenwood).

    otherwise option 2 is a hack job

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