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Thread: 3.5mm to RCA

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    3.5mm to RCA

    i've been looking for an adapter that will turn 3.5mm which is just a regular headphone connector into RCAs, but i'm looking for the 3.5mm connector to be a female not a male like this

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    just goto your local electronics / gadget shop

    buy a normal 2xrca to 2xrca, chop the plugs off and solder 2 of the ones you want on. then you get 2 cables

    they might even have the cable you want pre made

    if our local electronics store has it anyone should
    this sort of thing?

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    Like these? I got 3 of them

    I may even have female 3.5mm to female RCA's somewhere. And no there mine
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    well both of you guys got exactly what i need, the only store around here that could come anywhere close to have those cables is radio shack and they don't have it, where did you guys get them?

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    Ebay is your friend. Especially when it comes to little stuff like this. I'm sure it will be there AND be dirt cheap.
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