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Thread: Are there any restrictions about the angle of radio installation?

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    ...probably something to do with the gravitational coefficient, usually confined to high-altitude valleys in China - or Pennsylvania

    Happy CarPC'ing!

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    I asked where he lives because cars are equipped differently in different parts of the world. If we know more details, someone is more likely to pipe up and say something like "Hey, I have the same car and I did this... instead of what you are suggesting." Or, "I live ten minutes from you, want some help?"

    Besides, I'm nosey. (Not really)

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    I live in Brooklyn, NY, USA, so I guess most of us share same gravitation ))) It's 01 toyota celica and I'm planning on installing the CD player into this pocket:

    It's not my car though but just to give you an idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd2 View Post
    Mine Ford CD player is mounted vertically in the centre console - no problems.

    Can't SEE what track its on though
    Is it a regular CD Player or it plays mp3's also? If it's just a regular Audio Cd player, there shouldn't be any problems with my CD/Mp3 player as mp3's are usually being cached and are played from cache, I believe.
    Basically, my main concern is if there is a possibility for CD to get stuck inside of the player. I''ve never seen any players taken apart so I don''t know the mechanism it uses. If it's analogue to PC CD-ROMs, then there shouldn''t be any problem...

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    I had a JVC CD/MP3 headunit mounted vertically in the center console of a Jeep YJ for 3 years. Worked perfectly even though the manual advised that the unit should be mounted horizontal and level.

    You should be fine.

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    Update: I''ve installed my HU (its Pioneer DEH-P5800) like more than 3 weeks ago vertically and so far it works good even though the manual says no more that 60 degree angle.
    Thanks for the help, guys.

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