Hey Guys,

Got two questions, I have this kenwood ddx6019 radio in my car and was wondering is there a way I can connect any kind of usb hard drive for music and photo storage without going and installing a computer in my car. I just spent $1400.00 on this radio and GPS and it works great for my family car, however it's a pain to keep making new mp3 disks to take to the car.

Next, I have my radio connected with Sirius Satalite and it works as well really nice. But I have an option in my menu that i can click on and shows up an icon for weather. But when I click on this icon to get my local weather report, I get an error that reads "can't find XM port" I don't have XM I have Sirius. Does anyone know if I can use this feature with Sirius as well? I really would love to use this option, if so how do i get this to work?

Thank you