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Thread: what is the smallest headunit?

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    what is the smallest headunit?

    I want to install my liliput into the dash instead of how I currently have it which is hanging on a custom bracket I made. It vibrates a little when I'm driving and it doesn't look stock....

    Now, I love my system the way it works now which is no amp and fm inline modulator from soundcard to stock headunit. I will have pleny of room to install the liliput where the huge *** stock headunit is if I just find a really small headunit I can "tuck in" behind my liliput" So i can still use my inline fm modulator which works fine.

    I heard there are some super small headunits for hidden installs like hot rodders who want to keep their dash period correct?

    I can't find any through searching.


    (oh, and would it be hard for me to get a wire install kit to match the stock nissan frontier wires to the small headunit if I find one?)

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    Should help you out a lil bit. Also look into the Sonic Impact technologies
    and get rid of the head unit all together.
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    thanks for the link,

    I'll check into them when I get home from work.

    what do you mean get rid of the headunit? wouldn't it still be a mini amp then? it would be more wiring to do that because of the 4 speakers to car and all that jazz.

    to me, the most simple install is headunit with inline fm modulator to sound card.

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    i think the simplest would be a mini t-amp chip amp.
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    Just dump the HU and get an amp..

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