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Thread: Humming, Crackling and Lines onscreen

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    Hey thanks for the reply. I too managed to solve my issue as well. I had the motherboard in a wooden case that I had built. So after much troubleshooting, i cut a piece of metal out of a computer case that was motherboard-sized and put in in the box like so:

    Motherboard-->Metal Standoffs-->Metal Case Piece-->Wood Box

    I then made a ground with an 8 gauge wire hooked up to an "O" ring connector and put that O ring inbetween the screw in the motherboard and the standoff of the metal piece of the case, therefore grounding the entire motherboard to the car. Guess what? worked like a charm! I now have nearly no noise at all, and the lines on my monitor have vanished! I have yet to take it out driving and see if the engine whine is gone

    The logic was that a normal computer is connected to the case via metal standoffs. The entire case is then grounded to the wall because there is a ground pin on power cords, and that ground makes its way through the motherboards ground points. ok, that probably doesnt make sense in words, but it solved my problem

    And btw, i have a pioneer 300 watt 4 channel amp, so I think im good

    Thanks for the reply to an older thread though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
    You arent getting a picture after post, but it works fine before right? Bad video drivers. Giving me grief right now too. The Intel drivers suck *** and I dont know why. Boot into VGA mode and see if it works.
    Nope, opposit, when the problem happens I dont see post at all. Right from the get go all I see is white screen with lines on it (hear windows booting, hear music from centrafuse start). Do nothing but grab a crt, disconnect the xenarc, connect the crt (make no changes), disconnect the crt, connect the xenarc and it displays fine.

    Aggrevating as hell. Happens about 50% of the time. Nothing to do with hibernation (had to turn that off), full shut down and reboot of windows each time I start the car.
    PDP1170/TRS80/Atari800XL/Amiga500/286/486/P2/P4/C2D/i7 still a newb (but an old newb, been doing this a while) working my way up to "Complete Newb"

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