i have jsut bought a jl e4300 for 80 and paln to use it for my carputer sound to replace the harmon kardon balanced factory fitted amp , in the future i will be adding a usb dac auto bloat to power the amp but for just now it will be run from rca plugs from sound card , just so i can get sound ,

here is my problem the car has 6 speakers well 7 if you include the centre channel here is the weird ohms rating of them

Speakers for AS2 / Premium made by Pioneer Location Size Impedance Amplifier power Frequency range
Instrument panel left/right 3.5" 4.1 ohm 2 x 15W midrange/treble
Instrument panel center 2.5" 4.8 ohm 5W
Front doors 6.5" 1.8 ohm 2 x 25W bass
Rear doors 4.0" 3.6 ohm 2 x 15W midrange/treble

now how on earth do i connect these to my e4300 4 channel amp? thanks in advance to a little help !