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Thread: Setting Gains and Tuning

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    Setting Gains and Tuning

    Hello, i uploaded my pics of my amp and the remote. i was wondering if anyone knows how to set the gains and everything with this or how id do that?? ill have this hooked to a stock sterio.

    do i keep the gains half way for a week to break in the subs?? then i set the gains again?? but any way how do i set the gains and tune it? i mean ive heard of turning it as loud or untill distortion then to turn it back down a lil. well any way could someone explain all of that very cleary and like you are talking to an idot? lol thank you alot. ah btw the subs will be the kicker L7s 12". again thank you all
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    That is if he has a DMM..which most people do not.

    If you do not have a DMM then this way will suffice:

    Your crossover controls what frequency will be cut off from your sub. That is mainly personal preference, but you have to take into account what frequency your box is tuned to.

    To set the gain:

    1. Turn all your bass/treble settings to 0.
    2. Put in a CD/Song you know well that represents the type of music you will be playing generally.
    3. Turn the volume knob up to your usual listening level.
    4. Slowly turn up the gain knob until you just start to hear some distortion coming from your sub..then back it down a bit to just under that distortion level.

    5. Adjust your bass/treble boosts to your pleasure. Be careful not to overdue the bass boost.

    And remember, gain is not volume!!!

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