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Thread: Cork as sound deadener? Recommend other materials to absorb noise.

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    Hair Pile. I used this in my car over sound deadener and it made a world of a difference. Applied it with construction grade liquid nails. Bought a HUGE roll from a carpet remnant place for $50. I have done my entire car, doors and hatch included, including the backs of the panels in my car and I still have enough for a second car.

    Road noise went down considerably, doors close and sound like a Lexus.

    Good cheap stuff...
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    Ok, so I just did the floor and firewall with about 4 layers of jute. I also took the polyfill from a whole pillow and filled some areas of my dash with it. Wow, what a difference the jute made! This is awesome. It was definitely noticeable and probably the most effective sound proofing thing I've done to my car so far. Maybe not mercedes quiet, but perhaps a toyota camry kind of quiet.

    The loudest thing in my car now is the low growl from the engine, and I have no idea how to get rid of that since I already treated the firewall and dash. The engine noise overpowers everything now. There is also a faint grumble from the tires, as well as wind noise at highway speeds. Thats about it.

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    Cheaper than Dynamat, best customer service I've ever seen, works like a charm:

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