I have a Belkin iPod car adapter, on one end is a cigarrette lighter adapter, and on the other end is a cradle that the iPod docks into, and both are connected by a bendable snake.

When I connect the adapter all is well, but as soon as I dock the iPod, the whine is VERY noticeable. When I undock the iPod, all is ok, so I know there is an issue with the Belkin.

I did a bunch of searching and I thought that maybe there is a ground issue with the cigarrette lighter socket, but this happens when I connect it to both of my lighter sockets. So at this point I don't know what to do. I still want to use it because it charges the iPod at the same time and holds it quite well.

I have a Sirius radio connected too, and I get NO ISSUES with that, as well as no issues with my stereo itself, I can play the radio and CDs fine.

Any thoughts????? Please????

Thanks in advance!