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Thread: Good deal on really nice sound card.

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    Was checking on one of the sites i get a few deals from on varrious stuff and they had a deal on a nice sound card. I have one already and it does sound really nice. I would highly recomend it and it's at a price that can't be beat. $50 each with $5 shipping total.

    it's the Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card.

    It's the Features:
    Razer ESP (Enhanced Sonic Perception), expands the range of hearing in-game sounds to allow gamers to pinpoint the exact location of kill zones. Hear your opponent before you see them.
    Powered by Razer Fidelity, 117dB signal to noise ratio (output) with a 7.1 channel 24-bit audio output.
    Passive EMI shield, prevents interference from other PC components
    Razer 3D (720°) positional gaming audio engine. Pin point specific audio sound cues in game.
    Razer HD-DAI (High Definition-Dedicated Audio Interface), eliminates the need for 4 audio mini-jack, and USB port.

    Technical Specifications:

    Razer Fidelity™ gaming audio engine
    S/PDIF receiver/transmitter
    Dolby® Prologic IIx surround processor
    Dolby® Digital Live 5.1 hardware encoder
    Dolby® Headphone technology
    Dolby® Virtual Speaker
    DTS® NeoPC
    DTS® Interactive real-time hardware encoder
    7.1-channel digital audio playback
    Supports EAX™ 2.0, Aureal3D™ 1.0 and DirectSound

    Audio Characteristics

    Signal-to-noise ratio (output): 117dB
    Frequency response (at 24-bit / 96KHz): 20~20,000Hz
    Dynamic range: 116dB
    Total harmonic distortion + noise: -97dB
    Simultaneous voices: ≤ 128

    Supports the following audio technology:

    DTS Neo:PC
    DTS Interactive
    Dolby Headphone
    Dolby Digital Live
    Dolby Digital Pro Logic IIx

    System Requirements

    Pentium® II 350MHz, AMD® K6 450 MHz or Higher
    One Available PCI 2.1/2.2 Slot
    128 RAM Memory or Higher
    At least 55MB of Hard Disk Space
    Graphic Display at 800 x 600 High Color (16 bit)
    CD ROM Drive
    Headphones or Amplified Speakers
    Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / MCE

    Audio Connections Supported:

    Razer High Definition-Dedicated Audio Interfac (HD-ADI) Connector
    Aux-in (CD-in 2)
    S/PDIF Optical In
    S/PDIF Optical Out
    Front Panel Connector

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    anyone get in on the deal?

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