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Thread: wiring???

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    Durwood, as for needing a cap. i tried it without and my car with the first boom turns off. i tried it with a 1f and it didnt do either. then i went to a 10f and my car drove fine. i put the second battery in and the boom was greater, but at night not even driving with my brights on, my low beams dim every beat. so that is why the new dry cell 1000 crank battery and 20f cap.

    i am pushing almost double what you are, and driving only a compact car. there are no alternator upgrades. i already looked for that. the car is way to new and the manufacturer wants to let the next model come out to start making any after market parts. it is so hard to get parts they dont even have a dash conversion kit to install my deck. i had to make one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfzack View Post
    by the way, wile you are using the digital out on the ipod it is being charged. thus boosting the ipods crap battery, with the one in your car.
    True it is charging the battery but the circuit still uses the same voltage which I believe is 1.8v internally for the audio chip. It is true that it now has more current it can pull from, but it doesnt. This would cause the iPod to melt because it would have to be designed for this high current situation which would mean either (a) a switching circuit which is expensive or (b) that it would only work when plugged in and that wouldnt go over so well with the mobile mp3 player!
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