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Thread: HELP!! Can't get Auzentech to work with Console for PC tuning.

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    Hey Durwood, I played with this for hours last night until 4am. I finally got VAC to work. I can now tell Windows to output from VAC1 and then VAC2 (input) and HDA XPLOSION (output) on Audio Repeater (See Pic below).

    I set it up just the way you had told me to but when I go to console and click Channel, I see 8 inputs and 8 out when I set NC Range for VAC1 at 1..2 and VAC2 at 1..8. If you look at the ASIO4ALL Screen below, you can see there are 8 INS and 8 Outs on both VAC cables. I don't know if this is causing my current problem but here it goes...

    After many hours of playing with this thing, I couldn't get Console to work. So I went to VSTHost. At first when I had the setup done in the bottom pic, I didn't get any sound. As soon as I opened up VSTHost and created a Anwida 31 EQ, i got sound! Yayyy!!! It wasn't clear sound but I went to XEAR3D control panel (X-plosion control panel) and selected the option for the SPDIF to loopback in. That made the sound alot better. Now going back to VSTHost, I created another plugin, Allocator. I clicked STREAM in Allocator and that enabled Allocator to work but the sound just became muffled, unclear, compressed, tiny, very very low, etc. It was bad! As soon as I bypassed it, it was clear again. I tried messing with the crossover, but nothing. I then proceeded to options where the input was from VAC1 and output was to ASIO4ALL. Then I went to channel options and made sure only VAC1 Channel 1 and 2 inputs were selected (since there were 8 channels for input as stated above) and I selected all 8 VAC2 output channels.

    This should've enabled all 4 Stereo outputs form the soundcard, but only the FRONT channel worked. I tried plugging my headphones into the other 3, nothing! There is sound, but it is very very low. It sounded like the sound was being "leaked" from the front channel into the other 3 soundcard channels. WTH is this? I can't seem to figure it out at all. If I can only now get Allocator to output each type of band (Low, Mid1, Mid2, High) to the respective 4 stereo output channels from the soundcard, I'll be in good position to start processing the Windows output signal. But I'm stumped right now. Please help Durwood!!! lol.

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    Ok, I just looked a bit at VSTHOST.

    Try this:

    1) Goto "Device" Menu and select "WAVE"
    2) Then for the input port select "VAC1"
    3) For Output select "ASIO4ALL"
    4) Now figure out how to connect the plugins
    5) Test with headphones to see what channels are routed to what.

    Allocator has level controls in it.
    IF allocator is confusing, try "Rubber filter" instead.
    Make sure VAC is set as your Primary Soundcard in the windows sounds control panel.

    Here is what is happening if you need to visualize it.

    Windows/audio player -> VAC1 -> VSTHOST (thru ASIO4ALL) -> VAC2 -> (Thru Audio repeater) soundcard hardware outputs. You might need to make sure the soundcard is setup for 7.1 output in it's own control panel to activate those hardware outputs

    Does this make sense? Try that out and please report back.

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    oh and if you have stereo sound only...

    Do you happen to have a plugin for EACH PAIR of outputs? If you have a 7.1 card.. you need 4 stereo plugins to get this to work.

    after following durwoods instructions (steps 1-3), go to Devices ~> Asio Channel selection and on the input side, select VAC1 channels 1-8 (it may say VAC 1 ch 1-3 only, and then "Not Connected" for the other channels), then on the output side select VAC2 channels 1-8(also selecting the "not connected" channels). Select all devices might be checked for both, so uncheck that tick box if you are unable to select your devices.

    once you have that setup...
    click Engine ~> Configure
    Make note of which engine inputs correspond to the VAC1 channels (you want VAC2 1 and VAC1 2, which should be Engine input 1 and Engine input 2 after the previous config step)
    Now make note of which engine outputs correspond to VAC2 (Should be in order engine out 1 = VAC2 1, engine out 2 = VAC2 2, etc.)

    For simplicity sake... lets put 4 EQ's only for now. Each EQ should have its inputs set to Engine in 1, and engine in 2. You can do this by right clicking on each plugin.. then go to assign input channels, and verify that "Engine Input 1" and 2 are selected. Now... to get outputs... Select assign output channels, but this time your first EQ will have Engine output 1 and 2, your second EQ will have Engine output 3 and 4, your third will have 5 and 6, etc.

    if you would like to see a graphic representation of sound output of all channels, click the "master" button. should look like 3 green bars. There you will see your output channels. With winamp configured to play through VAC1.. and audio repeater is configured for 8 channels, 48000hz, 24bit, etc... you should now be able to see ALL of those analyzers bouncing up and down to the music.

    im going to try messing with my car now.. but that should get you pretty close to where I am now. If that stuff works for you.. i would delete the plugins.. then start setting up the series of plugins you want in a similar fashion.. except this time only your first plugin will be setup for engine input 1 and 2.. then from that plugin, you can string other plugins to it(if you plan to split the stereo signal into two separate signals, theres another step you need to do after stringing them together).. and your last plugins should be your 4 output plugins(crossovers).
    Carputer HIFI car stereo project!


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    Hey durwood and miztah, thank you guys for having patience with me. I FINALLY got Console to work somehow. I can now chain OUTPUT 1 and 2 from the WAVE IN (8 total inputs) and connect it to the INPUT 1 and 2 on the WAVE OUT (8 total outputs). When I do this, I can get sound. However, There are still two major problems that I'm encountering.

    First, the Allocator is completely screwing up the sound. With it being connected in the middle of the ASIO INs and OUTs, it sounds perfect but with it being chained in the middle, it just alters the sound in a very very bad way. I'm hoping to record it and let you guys hear it. I would assume that the default settings on the Allocator would alter the sound at all but I'm stumped about this issue.

    Second, when I connect all of the 8 outputs, I'm only getting sound from the FRONT output from the soundcard. I even chained Allocator in the middle and if I only connect 1 & 2 outputs from Allocator to 1 & 2 inputs on the ASIO WAVE OUT, I only get LOW bass output. When I connect all 8 outputs from the allocator to the 8 inputs on the WAVE OUT (like in the pic below), I was assuming all four sets of the soundcard physical outputs would have it's respective processed signal being outputted. I was wrong. It doesn't. Even when all 8 outputs from the Allocator are chained to the 8 inputs on the WAVE OUT (see pic below), all of the signals are being summed to the FRONT output on the soundcard. I FOR SURE enabled the 8 channel output option selected in the soundcard control panel. What could be causing this?

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    What does problem 1 sound like? Is it lots of clicking and popping or something else?

    I noticed in the ASIO4ALL control panel your ASIO buffer is only 512. Set it as high as you can go to get rid of clicking and popping.

    The second problem I'm not sure what that might be. Maybe try using the newest version of VAC/Audio repeater. The version I was playing with was 1.18.

    I understand the problem, I just can figure out why VAC is not routing it's 8 channels properly to the soundcard outs. Can you get anything out of the other channels at all?

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    Hey Durwood,

    1. I think I'm ditching Allocator. I just can't seem to get it to work properly. It messes up the sound. It's not popping or clicking but the sound just goes down so low its hard to hear. I maxed out all the levels in there but still nothing helps. So I searched around the net and Found something called Izotope Spectron, which has a built in Filter option where after playing around with it for few hours, I can totally bypass frequencies to have the type of filter I want. It could be someones dream where they can get a filter order where there is no step. It's just vertically flat downwards. I'll get a pic when I get home. basically, with it you can have a filter order down to straight flat downwards. I didn't even think that was possible lol. But I don't think I would need such a thing. Only downside to that is that it uses resources a little more than Allocator because you have to run one instance of it per stereo channel. If you want to try it out, let me know. I'll send it over to you.

    2. I thought my problems would be solved by this , but then the world is never perfect. I ran into another problem. For example, let's say I'm running only one instance of Spectron for channel 1 & 2 to process for low signal. Then I do the same for channel 3 & 4 for mid. And finally 5 & 6 for high. So basically I have 3 instances of Spectron running. Now if I connect ch1&2 output from the Spectron into the ch1&2 input into WAVE OUT, I can plug my headphones into the FRONT (channel 1 & 2 in this case) and get low signal. Perfect signal! But then lets say I ALSO connect the 3 & 4 fro msecond Spectro nengine to 3 &4 input on ASIO WAVE OUT, then the LOW and MID signals both get summed to the Front channel on the soundcard. If I take out the headphone jack from the front channel and put it in the next stereo channel over (3 & 4), same thing happens. It gets summed to that channel also. It's so weird. I would assume that if I connect each channel from all 3 Spectron engines into the first 6 channels on the ASIO WAVE OUT device, they should be routed to each respective channel outputted but it rather gets summed to ALL channels. WTH could be causing this?!?

    3. And another problem I'm encountering is that the FRONT channel in the soundcard seems to be way louder that the other 3 channels. I know thr frotn channel has a special headphone ohm loading and buffer size. Could this be the reason why?

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