This is not another question asking how to get sound from the computer to the car. It's a little more complicated than that.

I intend to run a headless carputer setup, and I plan on using the AMP9 kit from to drive the four speakers.

What I am uncertain about is the best way to connect the sound output from the motherboard to the amp kit. I could wire a connection directly from the sound card's line out to the amp's four channels, but that is an over simplified approach.

I was looking at the Creative Labs 5.1 sound cards. These seem like they might work, but I am uncertain if they're optimized for in car use. By that I mean they are designed for home use, meaning they have outputs for speakers in front of you, behind you, and a sub channel.

But a typical car setup has four speakers, two in front and two in back, plus a possible sub. How much does this differ from a home setup? You have a front speaker to your left, an front speaker to your right, and vice versa with rear speakers.

Mp3 files on your computer send audio signals to the sound card based on a certain amount of channels. Would a 5.1 sound card be optimal for a connection to an AMP9 kit?