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    Tuner List

    Have just fitted a renault tuner list to my clio Y reg, 2000
    after finding out the hard way that an update list was not compatible.
    Plugged in and worked ok or so I thought - the display works and even displays the station am listening to BUT the stalk control does not work.
    I pressume no adapter is needed and it should all work by simply plugging in the 2 iso's and the yellow plug, is it likely to be a fault on the stalk control?

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    further to email

    I have been told that there may have been an aftermarket radio fitted - have found in the glove box a 099-X01 autoleads adapter and a remote under the rear seat (must have been left in when sold) JVC RM-RK50
    On the autoleads adapter there is a lead fitted to one side with a stereo type plug attached but nothing on the other side.
    According to DNA services in 99% of all cases there is a lead left in the back of the display and this will stop the stalk working.
    BUT I have removed the radio and the panel that holds the hazard switch on but cant work out how to get to the display to remove it.
    I dont want to force anything but cant see any screws - does it prize off and if so how?

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