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Thread: Putting a DD ts in a Grand Cherokee

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    Putting a DD ts in a Grand Cherokee

    I have a 03 Grand Cherokee Overland, with the stock cd player. I am wanting to put in a double din ts, 6.1 inches or so. I've heard i have two options, either cut the dash or buy a new dash bezel from a newer jeep that comes stock with a DD.. I'm not sure which one is easier and if i need a new dash i dont know which one or where to even look. Any help would be really appreciated.


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    If you had an 06+up then you would have the option to obtain the factory equivalent of the double din dash piece and there is not going to be an easy way to integrate the newer peice to your car because they are completely different trims. So your only choice to fit the dbl din is to cut the dash piece, which isnt going to be pretty. So be ready to purchase a replacement dash if you dont like the outcome of cutting the dash.
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