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Thread: Feedback from Cellphone sites

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    Feedback from Cellphone sites

    As I drive around the city, mainly on the motorways (motorways = freeways for those not in NZ), i seem to get awful feedback through my head deck as i pass different cell phone transmitter sites.
    I'm running a high end pioneer head deck with a single amp and 4 6x9 speakers... nothing special.
    Does anyone know a way of eliminating the feedback from cell phone sites without taking the obvious step of turning my cell phone off?

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    has your pioneer got bluetooth built in to it or is the feedback just when the phone is in the car not connected to any hands free kits ????

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    The pioneer headdeck has got bluetooth built in. And I get bad feedback when using the phone through the bluetooth.

    But the problem is more when the cellphone is just in the car and not connected to the hands free.

    Any ideas?

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