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Thread: gold mk IV aux input - possible?

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    gold mk IV aux input - possible?

    Hi guys,

    Not sure this is the right place, but Ive been lurking around checking out the in car PC's for a while... my request is a little simpler (hopefully!)

    I have a standard factory golf cassette radio and CD player (seperate systems). It's a single CD player, not a disc changer as it actually looks like!

    I'd like to plug in my ipod but having had a look around the back there is no obvious AUX input. I've been reading around and it appears to be able to accept an AUX device somewhere - if you don't have a CD changer (which I dont) ... the device looks similar to the BlitzSafe item.

    Here's a shot of the back of the CD player. Does anyone know what the "plug" is for? Can I get something for that??

    Thanks for any information!

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    That plug is audio and control data connection for the Factory VW CD changer. Yes, you could have BOTH a single in-dash cd player and a CD changer in the trunk. This way you could pop-in your friend's CD easily - even if you were cool enough to have a changer.

    If a factory CD changer is installed in the trunk and you push "SELECT" a second time, the light beside "CD Changer" will illuminate and you will now be controlling the changer. This is why the words "CD changer" are written on the front of your single-cd deck.

    There is an adapter available to make the CD changer port into and Aux-IN. It will work the same way. Push "Select" a second time, "Cd changer" will illuminate, and you will be listening the the AUX-in. will probably have the adapter you need. I believe it is the USA SPEC DF-VW, but you'll have to look it up.

    I hope this helps.
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    I actually ordered the Blitzsafe iPod gadget from the states. ( Fitted it yesterday and it worked perfectly. Bit fiddly getting out the glove box, few snapped parts here and there but in the end it all fitted nicely


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