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Thread: Anyone know what an acc wire can handle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pancit175 View Post
    I would suggest, if you havent already considered it, use a relay to isolate your voltmeter from the acc line for the reason of getting a more accurate reading if you'd like.
    This makes no sense and would not provide a more accurate reading because the acc voltage comes from the battery, just like any other positive wire in the car.

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    Although in most cases it wouldn't matter, pancit175 has a point. Depending on how much load you are putting on your ACC wire, and the guage of the wire, it could give you a somewhat lower reading that is not necessarily reflective of the battery voltage. As the draw increases on the ACC wire the voltage on that wire will be somewhat lower, even if the battery voltage has remained constant. Running a separate wire for the volt meter, and simply signaling-on the meter with the ACC wire would be more accurate. How much accuracy is required or whether this small difference is even measurable would be debatable.

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