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Thread: Mazda Sirius Factory Unit

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    Mazda Sirius Factory Unit

    wondering if anyone has converted this unit to be hooked up to a computer via usb.

    it currently goes direct into the head unit, this is the pinout for the sirius unit.

    power negative

    R signal positive
    L signal positive

    signal negative

    text data

    text clk

    bus negative
    bus positive

    ACC positive

    Power Positive

    there is a usb converter for the sirius SC-C1.
    here is the pinout for that unit.

    power positive

    acc positive

    serial data RX


    audio right

    serial data TX

    audio ground

    audio left

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    I highly doubt that anyone has yet attempted to convert their factory sat for the use of a pc. But I could be proven wrong. If I were in your situation I would adapt the antenna line that goes into the factory sat unit into the already proven sat tuners.
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    XM on Mine

    I use the flip up monitor as well as the Garmin GVN and now I can enjoy XM Radio instead of Sirius since I need to be up to date on the baseball. Here is my video.


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    Is there a picture that goes with the pinout? I don't understand what pin relates to the function you have in your list.


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    Can you post that reply? Thanks.

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