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Thread: low level converter help

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    Exclamation low level converter help

    i just picked up a low level converter for my 1999 taurus becouse of no rcas and i spent all my money on it so i have no money to buy a wireing harrnus so it says i will have to do some cutting of factory wires

    what i am trying to ask for is help i have no idea witch wires to cut
    there are 8 ports on the thing going from left to right\
    1.right front+
    2.right front-
    3.left front+
    4.left front-
    5.left rear+
    6.left rear-
    7.right rear+
    8.right rear-

    what i am asking is witch wire is what color and how i would go about cutting and splicing wires togeather becouse if i am correct they still have to be connected to the stero system to and not just the (LLC)

    plzz just give me some help and dont tell me to get money and have someone do it for me that not an option becouse i know that so smart person out there can explain to me in really really good detail how to do this with out bying a wireing harrnis so plzzz help

    this is the last part to me finishing my system

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    what are you adding an amp to ? mid/hi spkers (door spkers) or are you adding a subwoofer?

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    i am adding subs

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    you should connect the left positve to the gray/lt blue
    left negative to tan/yellow
    right positive to orange/red
    right neg to brown/pink
    being as that radio doesn't have a amp turn on you could get a lvt3 (low voltage trigger) what it does is reads the voltage coming down the spker lines and converts it to a remote output.
    Or you can connect the remote to the yellow/black wire in the harness. Problem is if you do that and turn off the radio you run into the probablility that the amp will hunt for a signal and start to audibly hum, loudly..
    By the way just splice into the wire no need to cut them. You can use a scotch lok or t-tap to make it easier. Hope this helps.

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