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Thread: Amp does not seem to work

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    Amp does not seem to work

    Alright, my amp does not turn on. I have a cap and amp running inline. I check the voltage at the amp and cap. Both are 12.something while the truck is off. I also check the remote turn on wire when the truck was on and it is 11.something. I also checked the power at the fuses plugged into the amp and i get the same voltage (12.something). Is my amp shot?

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    check ground... get a temp wire and put it straight from the 12 v to the remote... ive seen situations where the remote is dodgey and doesnt provide enough power for the relay... :S also check grounds fuses etc etc

    if that all fails then its probaby dead :S warranty? if not pull it apart and check for "inconsistancies" lol

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