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Thread: Power for JL A6450/PC/future amp

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    Power for JL A6450/PC/future amp

    I just ordered a JL a6450 for my 07 saab 9-3. because of the funky saab setup, i needed this amp just to power the speakers in the car.

    I'm gonna run my front dash speakers (boston s35) on ch1/2 with hp@150-200 and my rear deck (boston s45) with same filter on ch 3/4. then on 5/6 i plan on running my door 6.5s with a lp @150-200. i have yet to purchase new door speakers but am probably gonna go with some mid-bass drivers of sorts. havent decided. any suggestions?

    well my main question is this... the amp manual states i need at least a 4gauge power to it. I planned on running to a distro block for my pc and the amp and in the future a sub amp. what guage wire should i run from the battery? will 2 suffice? or do i need to go down to 0/1? or heck does 4 work? i dont have my pc yet, but i am 99% positive itll be a m2-atx power supply.

    basically i dont want to run a wire through my firewall and then find out that i need a bigger cable 3 months down the line when i add a sub amp. i plan on only powering a single 8" or 10" sub in the trunk.

    any suggestions?

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    I would recommend 0 gauge wired. Overkill is always good.

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    ive got a 2g in my trunk going to my cap then out to two amps and the pc just run the thinkest you can get

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    I'm thinking...

    2GA w/80A fuse to the distro block in the trunk
    4GA w/40A to the JL a6450
    8GA w/20A to Future Sub Amp
    8/10 w/(fuse?) to CarPC

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