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    Quote Originally Posted by zxylon View Post
    How about this? Wouldn't need an eq or sound processor this way would I? The only real problem I see is that I'd need to split the sub line for the 2 amps. Might need something to clean that line freq up. Mabye run some sheilded wire instead of regualr stuff. I figured some quality wires might eleviate some noise production. I'd be sound proffing the interior as best I could also.
    well.. you wouldn't 'need' an eq, but an eq is one of the best ways to tune your system. you would need some sort of crossover. don't worry about the sub woofer signal, it wont pose a problem.

    how are you planning to crossover all of those speakers?.
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    this is the 4 ch I have right now and I will have another one soon. Not sure if I want to use it for this project or for my jetta when i upgrade the speakers in that.

    This is the eq I have too. Problem is that I think it's just 2 line in and front, back and sub out.

    With one 4ch I'll run this setup...
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