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Thread: Self AMP'ed Car PC

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    Self AMP'ed Car PC

    Hi all,

    This is my first post, so please forgive me if it's really dumb, but I have spent over a week reading through all sorts of posts and still can't really find what I'm after.

    Got what I think is a fairly straight forward question.

    For one of my cars I was planning to try and make a direct replacement for the factory double din stereo. I've read plenty on threads already on how to build the PC into a double din chassis and integrate the screen, but what I'm wondering on the audio side is........... is there a basic small amp which I could integrate as well so that it's a true replacement for a head unit and I won't have to put an amp in seperately.

    I'm not electronically capable myself, but have access to a couple of guys at work who could help me assemble one if there's a DIY kit somewhere.

    It's just that one of my cars doesn't really need a flash audio system, it's got some basic speakers in it already and I'm just really looking to have a true all in one unit. Is there such a thing ?

    The other 2 cars already have AMP's installed so no need for any amp in the car PC itself...... I know I could just put an AMP in the other car, but just wondered.

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    a few options. gut out a sonic impact t-amp and use that board powered by your psu, assemble a chip amp or the least expensive route:
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