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Thread: Onboard Vs. USB soundcard

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    Onboard Vs. USB soundcard

    I've used the search function, but I'm still not sure about this...
    I finally got my carputer installed today! YAY!

    The sound on the other hand, is very bad... I've tried tweaking it with the in-built equalizer in CF, and my 7 band Pyle equalizer, but still it's not good... When I compare it to my "old" HU playing cd's it actually S***s bigtime...
    I have a Xenarc Mp-sc3 carputer, and I use the headphone outlet.

    Then I startet looking for Usb soundcards, and the Xmod's got a quite great review!

    Could anyone confirm this? And do you think it would help?

    I havn't tried playing a cd on the pc, but the rips I've taken via mediaplayer, is no good...
    I can't seem to get a good bass from my sub, and the high notes are also bad...
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    i am not using the soundcard you describe, but a mixvibes U46dj and a terratect mkII (line in)
    Had the same problem you have, it doesn't sound nice, its flat and no base from the fronts, only sounds good when the sub is on. The onboards just don't solve that problem.
    However i also use SRS_Audio_Sandbox and it has to possibility of choosing the size of the speakers in my case 60 Hz. Its not free, but you can try it for a few weeks.
    My cpc in the current config pumps out the same sound as my head

    You could also have a look here (usb sound cards)

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