Hi All,

I am considering using the M-audio 1010lt as my audio card even though it would appear to require more setting up than others, and therein kinda lies the rub.

Eventually i would like to be running an active setup with everything controlled from the Pc and then just fed to the amps, but in practicality this is likely to take some time and so i am curious if i can effectively setup the audio through this card to run a normal amp->component speaker setup?

My PC is built, but i have not yet purchased any amps or speakers and kinda feel stupid asking this but if i purchase a component set will i able to use these later in an active setup and is there anything specific i should be aware of while choosing amps. I am basically not looking to waste money on buying gear that wont work with my future plans due to a simple oversight in specs.

I do have a million questions but am slowly working through them and the information provided through this forum has and is helping emmensly, thank you.