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Thread: Free Sub box designs for an 18" sub

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    Free Sub box designs for an 18" sub

    I need to find some free downloadable sub box designs for my Acoustic Audio B.A.S.S. series 18" woofer.

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    RE Speaker Box calculator

    try going to on the lower left corner of their home page they have a Speaker Box calculator i have used this with my rockford 18's and had much success with the outcome and who doesn't like a free calculator for the wang boxes

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    Win ISD by linear team is an awesome free program, just make sure that you have most of the theile/small parameters of the sub first

    I have also used a program called turbo, which is a dos based program (kind of cryptic unless you are used to dos)

    boxplot, another free program--kind of dated interface
    blaubox--created by blaupunkt for their speakers, but can be used for others
    mobile design---haven't used this one in years

    If you ever want to get serious about building a box, I would highly recomend buying a program for it, there are many out there and the purchased versions have a lot more features than any free program

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