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Thread: Audio In My Car Pc

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    i use an external sound card, you could set the fader on the levles of the amps

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    can you tell me wich sound card?

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    Windows will set up a sound controler even though your sound card has no software sound control.

    Most cards will auto detect your setup from what you plug into audio ports. For instance if you have a 5:1 sound card/or MB on board sound you will have at least three ports or 2 channels per port. For playback you will get main volume, rear and front volume, centre & sub volume, CD in volume, bass & treble, left and right balance. Some cards will have wave & synth anf graphics equaliser. Record functions will depend on your set up and if front panel audio ports are connected to MB in conjunction with any other ports over and above the 3 IO audio connectors if they are all being used for audio out and no audio in function.

    2 of the ports or connectors are 2 channels each front and rear (4 channels)and 3rd connector will be a centre speaker and or a sub speaker (2 chanells). You will need a 6 X channel amplifier or 1 4 X channel amp and a 1 2 X channel amp to work those 5 + 1 channels. Most car set ups are 4 X channels amp plus a 1 X sub amp with frequency cut controls on both amps.

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