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Thread: 2003 Camry Stereo

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    Unhappy 2003 Camry Stereo

    Hi All,

    I have a 2003 Camry. Recently the CD player (single CD) started making funny sounds when you insert a CD or simply when you press the CD button. It would make a contonous (difficult to explain a sound-:, not sure if I can attach an audio file with the sound here - ) sound like as though something is come off from inside. It would still play the CD if I were sucessuful in inserting the same in by force. I am assuming that it might be cheaper to replace the unit instead of trying to get it repaired.
    Any suggestions ?

    Will any unit fit in or would I need the same OEM unit ?
    Also is it possible to replace the same on one's own or needs professional installation ?

    Thanks in Advance !!!


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    Appears that the mechanism for the CD (un)load is going bad. If the problem persists and you would like to purchase a new aftermarket headunit, you can do so with a single din radio or a double din radio (Given you have the appropriate kit). Some dash kits have the option to do either, whereas there are those that only have the availbility to do a single din.
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