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Thread: Added Steering Wheel Controls & Tweeters to base model 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
    Nice write-up.

    Just thought I should add...

    If you're working on a car and do not have a manufacturer's service manual that tells you otherwise, you should wait 10 or even 30 minutes. Some airbag systems hold a charge for an extended amount of time, so they can still operate even after your battery connection is severed in a collision.
    The 20 seconds only goes for the 2008 WRX I was writing about - yes, if in doubt about your car, play it safe. In fact, you shouldn't even trust some guy you don't know on this forum even if you do have a 2008 WRX!

    I remember reading about some Volvos (and a few other makes, I believe) that had mechanical side-airbags in the 90's that could not be disabled! I think that was quickly discontinued, but they're still out there.

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    Holy revival I know
    Anyways, I was wondering what type of screws did you use to mount the whole speaker/crossover assembly back onto the factory mounting plastic things?

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    Question OEM SWC to aftermarket HU with SWC capability

    Quote Originally Posted by FordNoMore View Post
    The switches are a drop-in replacement, and in the stereo wiring harness you'll find a Brown wire and Yellow wire that carry the signal. Of course, you'll need something to interpret the signal -- in my case, I programmed a PIC microcontroller, but you could also use something off the shelf
    Okay so I've been following your post here and others on a handful of Subaru forums, I also have an '09 Impreza, I am using an Eclipse CD1200G which has SWC capability built in.
    The Eclipse harness has two wires for SWC:

    Steering 1: Brown/Black (controls Volume/track)
    Steering 2: Brown (controls mode)

    I'm trying to determine which of the wires on the Subaru harness (Brown or Yellow) would correlate with steering 1 & 2 on the Eclipse harness.

    I've read on other forums that they successfully connected the CD1200G to the steering wheel controls on a Toyota Tundra with no other interface, but the wire colors are not the same for Subaru.

    I called Eclipse and they were no help, in fact the tech told me that I would probably need another interface for it to work with the stock SWC, maybe I just got a bad technician

    It's driving me crazy that there are only two wires left but I don't know which one goes where or if it will mess up something if they are hooked up backwards.

    FordNoMore, is there anything that you saw while installing your PIC microcontroller that might shed some light on this?
    Anyone have any insight on this?
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