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Thread: Looking for a Repair center/person

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    Looking for a Repair center/person

    So I am looking to see if anyone in the San Antonio, Austin area repairs Alpines. I have a cda-7894 that wont see cds any more. Any Takers?

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    thats an ongoing problem with that particular model.. i had one.. got it fixed under warranty and just over a year later the same problem happened. I've seen other people complain about that defect to no avail. Wish i could help. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    I had one for 4 years no problems at all. Litteral mint condition. Then it got Ripped of one night and I bought this on on ebay a few months back.

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    You would think that most people would go directly to the source of their problem and contact the manufacture of the product. But that is rarely the case. Like they say common sense isn't all that common.
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