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Thread: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xmod USB

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    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xmod USB

    I have to recommend this for you that need an quick fix for dull sound that you get from your onboard soundcard.
    Its an external usb soundcard that needs no install or extra drivers. Works right away and has improved my sound and especially ímproving the base sound.
    Maybe not for the real soundfreaks but for us who just need decent sound, cheap and easy this is a good choice.
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    I considered the Xmod when I was choosing sound cards but the 2-channel output was a deal breaker for me. Even on my stock radio I can Fade and Balance between Left/Right/Front/Rear, so going to a 2-ch output on the CarPC feels like a step backward, even though the sound processing is better.

    I ended up going with a X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI. It's cheaper than the Xmod and is a more complete solution, but at the cost of a PCI slot (which I know may be a deal breaker for other people).

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    Yeah, I'm with you guys. If I could offer anyone an improvement to their carpc environment (beside better speakers), I would say "forget mobo sound and get a sound card..."

    I, too have the Creative PCI Extreme. The "Crystallizer" feature is really a big help in bringing out percussive highs like snare drums, keyboard dynamics and such - especially to some more vintage recordings that were good, but lacking the punch that the Crystallizer restores.

    I currently only use my sound card in 2 ch mode, although I have cables and amps to do 5 channel. Does anyone have experience with using sound card in 5 ch mode for playing music? Is there really any point or improvement?
    Happy CarPC'ing!

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    I understand that the X-Fi likes tinkering with your 2 channel music when it's set to 5ch output. It's supposed to "expand" it or something or other.
    Might be worth a shot.

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    Anyone knows the Vrms of the USB X-Fi mod?

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