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Thread: another option for sound for carputer

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    another option for sound for carputer

    I found that creative has a new external 5.1 sound blaster. I currently have the audigy 2nx external. Been having alot of problems with the drives. Slow boot time, crashes. So I'm going to try the new one that they have sound baster X-FI surround 5.1
    looks good, hope it sounds as good as it looks. Only problem I heard was that it doesnt work well with vista. No problems with windows xp.

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    i am thinkin the same thing man..i would love to know if it works for ...give me details lolol[media][/media]

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    It's hardly new.
    But it's a good USB soundcard option.

    The only potential issue is that it can eat up quite a bit of CPU in processing audio.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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