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Thread: Best Amp For Tight Spaces

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    Best Amp For Tight Spaces

    this is by far the best amplifier for tight spaces. 4 channel alpine amplifier and super easy to hook up. Same power as a pioneer/alpine/sony cd deck.

    Alpine amplifier on ebay

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    sounds a little biased considering you are the one selling it.
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    i can see why you would say that. but they are hard to find and they really dont have a problem selling. I was super cramped for space, i had my carputer in the passenger airbag cavity, and without running tons of wires to the trunk i dont know what i was going to do. Then my buddy which was also building a carputer atm found this amp. Alpine issued it with an in dash dvd unit as the external amp. however some people buy bigger ones and sell these.

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    wish i had seen this im looking for one now

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