Welp im stumped, here is my issue Help PLEASE

I have two usb soundcards.

a) and older emagic A26 (single analog input, six analog outputs) and,
b) gigaport AG (8 analog outputs)

I have installed

a) ASIO4ALL (since neither have any dedicated ASIO drivers)
c) VAC

okay step 1 once I install ASIO4all, and have the unit chosen in windows sound as main device I get SINGLE STEREO output on both units (nothing out of the remaining rca outputs)

in ASIO4ALL, I cant activate the outputs (even though I get the single stereo output in foobar and winamp--choosing ASIO4all as the output)

now step 2 install VAC, all outputs are now seen

here are the steps ive taken nothing seems to output all six(or 8 channels)

a) I can choose VAC1 as the main output in windows,

*choose two cables
*VAC1 range 1:2
*VAC2 Range 1:6
*VSTHOST devices/wave INPUT set as VAC1
*VSTHOST devices/wave OUTPUT set as ASIO4ALL
*buffer 512 t 2048 (doesn't change anyting)
*Assign inputs set to VAC1:1 and VAC 1:2
*Assign outputs to VAC 2:1, 2:2, 2:3, 2:4, 2:5, 2:6

audio repeater set to imput VAC 1 output VAC 2 , set to start

I still only get a SINGLE STEREO output

now at this point no matter what I do I cant get ANY output out of the remaining set of rcas on either unit

please offer any help id appreciate it