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Thread: MP3 CD crossfading help

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    MP3 CD crossfading help

    I have a Hyundai Accent 2007 base model with automatic from Canada. It came with a stock Hyundai stereo with MP3 support. I have been burning MP3 CD's since I got the car a year ago. I have a question about crossfading.. Is there any way to create a crossfade between tracks, but still keeping the files individual (so you can still skip through the songs one at a time)? I know you can get software which creates 1 large mp3 and you can get it to crossfade. I am looking for the same idea, but if there is a way to keep the individual files and directories intact.

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    Typically not unless your radio supports it. If you were running a computer, then sure it's easy. But otherwise, youll either have to make EACH mp3 you have fade out at the end and in at the beginning, which still wont get you the CROSSfade effect, but is close.

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