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    I have a plye head unit pld52mu, installed it myself, tried to turn up the volume past 10 and the speakers cut in and out, the head unit dims in and out. using plye speakers PLMR5K. the unit plays DVD fine without any issues. I have used the speakers with a crappy head unit before and the speakers worked great . were should I start looking to fix this issue. thanks for any help and sorry IF I posted this in the wrong forum.


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    Yes you did post this on the wrong website. This forum is dedicated to those hobbiest that wish to integrate a PC into their vehicle and in some cases we do not uses standard aftermarket equiptment to do so. If you wish to learn more about the subject, welcome to Otherwise you may get a better and more timely answer by visiting a site dedicated to general car audio.

    If I were to guess what your problem, I would have to say something is wrong with either your wiring or your newly installed HU.
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