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Thread: Amplifier question

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    Amplifier question

    Hi, new here but not new to in car audio systems, The thing is i bought a new amplifier a Kenwood KAC-8104D to hook it up to two pioneer subs 1200 watt max, 400 rms and 4 ohm rating, the thing i amp wanting to know is that i know when you wire two subs in parallel then the ohm will be hlfed giving two ohms, but what i don't know is that if i wire them parallel will is split the wattage?

    Thanks Chris

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    Two separate loads wired in parallel to the source will be given equal amounts of voltage to each load. Also, the total current will equal the sum of the current ran through each load wired in parallel. And since you are using like impedances for each load, the individual current through each of the 2 loads will equal each other, therefore total current will be divided evenly by the number of loads that are wired in parallel to the source. And that can be calculated to show that each load is being given half of the power (wattage) of the total output in your instance. So essentially the answer is, Yes.
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    No, i didnt expect an answer at all but that long one was good for me, now least i understand, thanks very much

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    max/peak wattage generally is a useless spec. true RMS output/power handling is the spec to look for.

    when you wire speakers in parallel, the speakers are still the same impedance but the amp will "see" an impedance load/value half of each speaker's rated impedance (in your case, the speakers remain 4-ohms, but the amp will see a 2-ohm load).

    normally; when you cut the impedance in half, you double the RMS output power of the amp... but that amp's specs state 300w@4Ω and 500w@2Ω. I'm guessing that they underrate the 2Ω RMS output to keep the THD spec under 1% (in other words, it can probably output 600w RMS@2Ω, but with alot of distortion).

    the answer to your question is yes... two subs wired in parallel will act as one single sub (with it's power handling specs doubled, essentially "split"ing the wattage), so each sub will receive between 250w-300w RMS max (depending on the input volume and how you set your gains).

    since your subs are rated @400w RMS each (800w RMS total) and your amp will be putting out 500w-600w RMS total, you should be good to go

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    Thanks very much for the answer guys, been really helpful

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    Check out this site, it's called Basic Car Audio Electronics. It's got loads of good info with diagrams and charts and all kinds of goodies on car audio electronics! There's a section for pretty much everything you'd have a question about.
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