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Thread: Does such USB sound card exist?

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    Does such USB sound card exist?

    Ok. Here is my situation. I have 2 front speakers and rear sub.

    I need ability to adjust fronts/rear and crossover if possible at all.

    So, 5.1 card needed. They all stereo or 5.1, right?

    Now, some musts:

    1. As small as possible. It will be "gutted" and hardwired inside my PC. I have all -in-one carPC and amplifier inside it. So, card have to be small. Ideally small as laptop HDD or so.

    2. Good SQ

    3. On budget. Would like spend no more then $50 or so.

    I have HD Audio on board (Nano-ITX VIA) but it has only L/R channels and SPDIF. So, if there is DAC's with my requirements (price/size) then it will be perfect. So far I didn't see anything, therefore looking for USB card.

    Any advice?

    I'm not audiophile, but would like to on a same level as regular stereo decks.

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    2 & 3 contradict eachother.

    You dont say which board you have (Nano-ITX is a formfactor, not a model), but all via board I have seen (and owned) can be configured in software to use all 3 ports (6 channels) as output (L&R Front, L&R Read, Centre, Sub).
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    I have EPIA NX1200EG and it's got VIA VT1708A High Definition Audio Codec on board.

    I made a mistake I think.. A97 could be configured to 6 channel, but not this one? If it can - I will be very happy But so far it with all my research I can only see that I get 5.1 through SPDIF only.

    Give me options on 1+3 and 1+2 if 2 and 3 can't go together

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